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Weekend Food Experiment in My Kitchen


Marquette04/16/12 – Cruising through Ishpeming Saturday afternoon, I told my wife that I needed to stop in an see Smokehouse Glenn’s new store, Northern Meats layout. OF COURSE, one thing lead to another and I couldn’t leave with out making a purchase.

Seeing that Glenn had Koegel coney dogs and coney dog sauce, I had to get some of each. However, when my wife realized that I left the store with coney dog sauce, there was NO WAY I was going to make any of those DOGS while she was away at work.

Sunday, I just couldn’t wait – however, I didn’t get into ANY of the coney dog sauce – I was a good boy! I did decide to venture into my bread baking book and look up a classic baguette recipe and apply it to just ONE coney dog!!!

Topped with diced green onions and my favorite Gulden’s mustard, my finished product is HERE and didn’t last long!!!!!

Mmmmmm!!!!   = : )

My Home Made Experiment



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