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Farewell, Levon Helm!!!!


Marquette – A legend in the music world passed away Thursday after battling with throat caner since 1998. A man known for his gentle, quite demeanor and taking the desire to perform with other musicians seriously, Levon later developing his talent for acting, Levon will be missed by many.

Levon Helm was influenced my music at the early age of 6 and at fourteen, he set in with Conway Twitty. Helm later met up and joined Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks in 1959, launching the start of his music career. Here is a clip of Heln with Ronnie Hawkins performing in New York in1959.

I’m not very informed about Levon personally, except for his ’70 work in The Band from their movie about their group. Here is one of their classic songs from that film, The Weight….

I remember spotting Helm in Steven Segal’s film, Fire Down Below then later as Mr. Rate in The Shooter –

    For an extensive biography on Levon Helm, visit his website, levonhelm.com !!!!


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