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Time to Take a Stand For Lower Gas Prices!!


06/04/12 – Front page article on yesterday’s Mining Journal grabbed my attention right away – Group Opposes KBIC Gas Plan!!!! From the onset of the article, a local group known as the Upper Peninsula Petroleum Association sound discontent with the fact that the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC ) are in the process of applying for a land-to-trust application for the non-gaming purpose of the gas station.

Since 1933, the Michigan Department of Treasury has been dealing with tribal and trust land,so Michigan residents and businesses are quite familiar with the tax arrangement between all entities concerned with these matters.


Support Business Competition

The Upper Peninsula Petroleum Association initial comment in the Mining Journal ‘s article mentioned their concern of their 90 station membership fielding the tax burden and the inferred concern that those businesses making money off sales where taxes are collected for road construction. LAME Argument!!!


Where was the voiced concern of UPPA on how the money in continually wasted by these lame paving contractors that do a lousy job on JUST the US 41 corridor between Marquette and Ishpeming!!!! Lousy work and we the taxpayers are soaked season after season…the UPPA would impress me by standing up for at least THEIR hard earned tax money!!!!


I am in favor for the KBIC’s gas station project…I don’t drive to L’Anse specifically for gas but when I’m passing through the neighborhood, the Pines get my business. More on this tomorrow!!


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