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Tribal Gas Station Good for Marquette Residents, Arguments Against are Weak!


06/11/12 -Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC) presented their intentions to submit applications to build a new gas station in Marquette Township, which would bring pricing competition to existing businesses in the township and surrounding areas. I could not attend the Tuesday night meeting but from the contents for the Mining Journal’s coverage of this meeting, it sounds like the President of the Upper Peninsula Petroleum Association (UPPA) possesses an extreme case of over-exaggeration.

I mentioned in my first post that the tribal exemption from paying state sales tax has been in existence from at least 1933; what I could search in the internet, so this becomes an extremely mute point of argument. Unless the tribe builds in your community, people are not going to even care about their tax-exempt status…but when they decide to build in YOUR community, all of a sudden, there are SOME who suddenly make an issue out of this status.

My opinion is that the State of Michigan has already set the ground rules for Native American tribes in our state to live and operate years ago so LIVE WITH IT or MOVE TO ANOTHER STATE!!!

According to the Mining Journal,UPPA Prez Fern also said sales tax revenue from gasoline helps fund education. State agencies, just like school districts, businesses and household incomes all have to learn to adjust to the inflated cost of living and cut back in their budgets.

However, this still does not address the root argument in this issue – that being that the KBIC have every right to purchase property AND if so decided, they can build and operate a gas station if they so desire.

I ask you…what did your beloved former Congressman Bart Stupak do to investigate price gouging in his congressional district – NOTHING!!!! Gas is cheaper in most all other towns then Marquette. Fern’s comment regarding the cost of getting fuel to market is extremely lame!!!

I’ve already planned my route in and out of the new station because they are going to be busy!!!! Competition is GOOD!!!



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