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Happy Birthday, Junior Brown – An American Original!!!


06/12/12 – The longer I stay involved in country music, the more I find out about country artists like Junior Brown!!! Born in Cottonwood, Arizona, Junior has made Austin, Texas his hometown where he spent more of his early career playing every honky tonk there was; playing his unusual style of music consisting of the soul of country and the spirit of rock and roll.

Photo courtesy of juniorbrown.com

His playing career started in the late ’70s, his first album wasn’t recorded until 1996 but his most significant contribution to country music was his own musical invention. Junior switched the bulk of his playing between the electric guitar and the pedal steel guitar. Switching eventually became awkward and Junior had a dream of merging the two instruments together. Junior contacted guitar maker Michael Stevens, who made his dream a reality in 1985.

Junior’s career spans the recording of 8 albums and received the recognition of Guitar Player magazine’s 1994 “Best of…” listings made him their #1 lap steel player, #2 Country Artist, and #3 country album (Guit With It).

Here’s Junior and his band playing, My Wife Thinks You’re Dead!!!



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