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Anatomy of A Pizza – My Favorite Food!


If you haven’t read my bio when I first started at the station, then you wouldn’t know YET that pizza is my favorite food and there is never a day that I wouldn’t make room in my diet to eat this all – in  – one food!

My wife had a special Father’s Day dinner planned for me yesterday so I had to satisfy my “pizza bone” by making my own N. Y.-style pizza with six toppings. I have searched high and low and also the Food Network Recipe page for both a pizza dough and sauce recipe that pleases my palate. Needless to say, I have settled on both a dough and sauce recipe that would successfully challenge even Bobby Fray to a Throwdown!!!Thanks, Buddy for the idea!!!

I started off my making a batch of my pizza sauce to go along with my pizza dough. I have been known to revert back to the original cheese or pepperoni pizza but if I have numerous topping available, they are getting piled on; one at a time!!

The toppings this time around consisted of pepperoni, turkey sausage (to keep my doctor happy)—–

My Masterpiece Under Construction



Then I finished up with red and green peppers, olives and mushrooms ——-The oven is waiting!!!!





Ahhh——the completed pie with the slicer waiting to do its’ work…Needless to say, my tummy was verry happy Saturday night!!!

I could eat one per day!!!!


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