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Krist Oil V-P Puts Big Foot in Mouth – Boycott Citgo


I believe that this cartoon I saw on Facebook by Judge Napolitano exemplifies the ignorance expressed recently by Krist Oil Vice President Krist Atanasoff. Mr. Atanasoff sounds like he doesn’t have anything constructive to refute the KBIC’s legitimate business application. Thanks, Judge Napolitano!!!

According to the Mining Journal’s June 14th article, Atanasoff NOW wants to back peddle on his statement by clarifying to the Mining Journal on the 21st, that he was only referring to ONE individual. Atanasoff’s statement did not reflect a very sincere retraction of his accusation.

Since it appears that Atanasoff wants to exercise his business prerogative  regarding his decision to discontinue selling Mining Journal newspapers, maybe it’s time the consumer public show just how they feel about Mr. Atanasoff’s slanderous remarks. I, myself will not give Citgo any more of my business as a result of his comments.

I will even consider giving a wave along with a smile on my face each time I pass Citgo with my FULL tank of KBIC gas when their business opens up!!!!!   = : )


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