Get on Your Harleys and Ride…for Beacon House!!!!

Tomorrow, August 11th, get ALL your bike riding, Harley friends together and help raise money for Marquette’s Beacon House.Construction Recovation Benefit

Beacon House is a privately run non-profit organization that works in conjunction with the medical care community to ensure patient access to care. Recently, Beacon House added additional handicap renovations and this fund raising event will off set the construction expenses. The event starts at 9 a.m. Saturday, August 11th at the Beacon House. Riders will continue on a route throughout the day stopping at various locations.Drumming with FB3 for Beacon House

The day’s fund raising event will end at UP North Lodge in Gwinn where a BBQ Rib Buffet will be held accompanied my musical entertainment by Marquette’s Flat Broke Blues Band featuring yours truly on the drums!!! I enjoy helping with fund raising events and I REALLY like playing drums, so this is going to be a great evening at UP North Lodge.

Beacon House Annual Fund Raising Event

For more information about Beacon House and the Roar the Shore event, see the enclosed links below:

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