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Emergency Food Drive is Moving Towards Goal!!!


Marquette County residents and businesses are responding generously to aid the Salvation Army of Marquette reach their goal set for their Emergency Food Drive. Monday began the Food Drive with Captain Ramona and Dennis from Great Lakes Radio setting a drive goal of 14,000 pounds of canned and dry good foods for the Salvation Army.Working to Reach 14,000 Pounds Donated!!!

Wednesday, the Salvation Army collected a total of 2,329 pounds to add to their previous total of 7,010 pounds to add up to 9,339 pounds!!! WOW!!!! This is incredible!!! Sands Speedway has also been collecting food for the food drive and the UP Catholic Credit Union donated $300 to help toward the purchase food!Contributors to the Food Drive

The Emergency Food Drive continues collecting canned and dry goods until Saturday, September 1st. Food and cash donations are gratefully accepted. Donations are being accepted at 1009 W. Baraga Avenue in Marquette or call 226-2241 for more information.We Have Almost Reached Our Goal with Your Help!!!


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