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Reminising On My First Car…Why Couldn’t It Be the Sporty One??


Tony Dutcher was talking with me about his car yesterday and after our conversation, I was thinking about my first car. A 1980 Mazda GLC Hatchback!!! This car was also my first manual transmission car so it was really fun to drive. Besides, I don’t know about you but your first car, I didn’t care what it was just as long as it got me around.

My first car!!

When I was searching for a photo to use to accompany my post, I can upon this other picture of a car made that same year – too bad it was over in Japan; at least I  never saw it driving around in my hometown in southeastern Ohio!!! Hindsight would have me saving just a little bit more to get this one – I wonder what the insurance would have run on that baby!!!Better than Vette!!!!


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