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My Childhood Toys Were Cool!!!


Yesterday’s blog on the Top 20 Toy List from the past century had me reflecting on childhood highlights with some of my favorite toys. One of these particular toys that I has was based on a kid’s Saturday TV show. Marionette shows these days seem quite cheesy but when you’re only 6 years old and you see rockets flying in space, it’s cool!!!

This flew many light year space missions!!

Fireball XL5 was a big show for me on Saturday along with cartoons and all the other kid stuff. So, my parents got me this working model rocket with figures, missiles one Christmas; that was the best year!! Watch the show promo…

Another toy I received one Christmas, was this helicopter from Mattel, the Vertibird.

This toy was really COOL!!!!!

Man, to have an actual working helicopter that flies – – – – – that had to be the best toy to have that year!!!


Check out this video from a pilot flying his copter….


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