My wife Debbie and I have been married for 26 years. Her original wedding ring was beautiful but the setting had reached the point of NO REPAIR and after several inquires and some savings, we visited Richard Jewelers several weeks ago to inquire about possible new settings.

Richardson’s Jennifer examined Debbie’s two rings and they discussed the types of options available for consideration. Jennifer drafted a sketch of a possible setting ; which Debbie loved so a mold was made with her existing gemstones.

I stopped in when the wax mold of the setting was made and took a photo of it so Debbie could see the outcome.

Needless to say, Debbie liked the mold so she placed the order…and the finished work arrived Monday.

Tonight, I plan to take Debbie out for dinner and surprise her with the new ring. I also might ask her if she wants to stay married to me for another 26 year!!! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh….if you know my wife, DON’T SAY ANYTHING!!!!!


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