It Takes Great Ingredients for a Great Ham Sandwich!!!!!

HAM – it’s the Meat of the Christmas Season, at least with the family I married into!!! I received the BEST in ham from Northern Meats and the Dearborn hams sold by Smokehouse Glenn. What a great start for the essential items needed for the BEST Ham & Swiss Sandwich!!!!

Next you need a good swiss cheese, so my wife Debbie procured some Sargento’s Swiss Cheese from the grocer.  Next – you need a great rye bread!!!! I have a book dedicated to baking ONLY every type of bread known to man, ” Bread Alone”. There within lies the BEST Jewish Rye bread recipe I ever ate – so I had to make a loaf to have this essential ingredient.

Of course the only condiment worthy of being on a sandwich of this magnitude is the only mustard that gets invited to every picnic, BBQ, etc. is the one, the ONLY – Gulden’s Spicy Brown mustard. I’ve game to sample any type of mustard and I always return to Gulden’s, their combination of spices in their recipe is simply delicious!!!

Finally, no great sandwich can be served all alone – you need a garlic pickle to trade off bites with. Claussen’s is without a doubt the best tasting garlic pickle available in the entire universe!!!! So there you have it – a GREAT Ham Sandwich!!!! Don’t drool on your monitor screen!!!

BEST Ham & Swiss Sammy