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Regardless of the Governor’s Opinion, the Law of the Land Remains


Governor Snyder (or the Office of Deputy legal counsel Dave Murley) expressed his dislike toward the impending new Keweenaw Bay Indian Community gas station in Marquette County. The Governor’s comments reflected his concern for an “an unfair commercial advantage over surrounding competitors.”KBIC-logo2

Murley in his January 19 comments to the Mining Journal stated with relation to KBIC paying a state tax, “after all, legitimate competition will only benefit consumers.” I am sure the Bureau of Indian Affairs are quite savy on the laws concerning land trust and we will find that Lansing is grasping at straws when they try to call this land purchase “unfair “ and “unlawful”.


I wouldn’t call how gas prices are adjusted in Marquette County beneficial to area consumers nor competitive. Marquette County retailers currently adjust their prices when key gas companies receive their new fuel shipment, call down state to find out any price change and jack up their price. The remaining stations call around to find out what so – and- so’s price is and they price change accordingly. Where’s the competition??? How about ONE station keeping their price unchanged until they receive a new shipment of fuel then possibly change their price!!! There are numerous consumers that have wondered the same thing. Station X received a new shipment of gas under the price of $3.25 per gallon. Two days later, Station A raised their price to $3.35 so Station X follows suit.

Here is the results of The Mining Journal’s resent poll question – the result show that consumers know they are getting fleeced and are tired of it. Marquette County “fleecers” won’t go out of business when the KBIC station is opened, there aren’t any businesses that have closed since The Pines opened.

gas station poll results

KBIC Gas is a good thing for Marquette County – they will get all my business!!!!


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