I appreciate all my listeners who have e-mailed me or talked to me personally and tell me they are enjoying the midday show. To keep the show rolling, somebody, mainly me, has to stay behind the mic and play the music – even during lunch!

Going back to my days of driving on the road for an armored car company, I had to eat & drive at the same time. Well, now I can still out of the studio and grab a bite in between song set and no one knows the difference. I mentioned on air that today was my home- made pizza – well, here it is!

N.Y.-style soft crust, my home-made sauce, onions, cudighi, pepperoni, olives, red/green peppers and mozzarella cheese!

my pizza slice

Anyone looking for someone to cater a party with this delicious pie, you can always e-maill me!!!     = ; )

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