I enjoy foods from many ethnic groups and oriental food is one of them. From stir fry to egg rolls, I like to make any of these dishes with either beef fish chicken or pork. This weekend, I learned something new about seafood.

courtesy of 21food.com

Pollack or Surimi?

I would loved to buy Alaskan King Crab each time the seafood urge hits but many time, the budget can’t afford it. Many years ago my wife Debbie found the seafood product, Imitation Crab Meat. Examining the packaging label, I found out the product is made from a fish named pollack. Pollack is prolific in Alaska as well as internationally.

The basis for surimi

Yesterday, I made stir-fry for dinner and used the last of the Imitation Crab Meat. Reading the package before discarding it, I read that this domestic product was made from something called surimi. What the who the? What is this fish all about? Doing some research, I find that the name “surimi ” come from the Japanese words meaning ground meat. The Japanese started marketing surimi in 1974, later the U.S. picked up on it in 1981.

imitation crab meat chunks

So it appears that either way, when it come to Imitation Crab Meat, you are probably consuming pollack which is enhanced by crab, lobster or some shellfish flavoring, ground up, pressed into shape, cooked then packaged.

Either way, I like the taste and texture for the money! Give me the chunks!!

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