Obama’s Transparent Administration Won’t Answer Ammo Questions!

Why All the Ammo?

Now in his second term of Presidency, Mr. Obama nor his agency departments are very forthcoming to questions concerning the Department of Homeland Security purchasing 1.6 Billion rounds of ammo. At a time when the federal government is operating under a sequestered budget, how can such enormous purchase be justified.

Inquires by news agencies to the DHS disclose that the agency purchased this quantity A) to buy in bulk to save money and B) this quantity will be used for agent training. Interesting!Why All the Ammo?

A) Since when is ANY federal agency interested in saving taxpayer money when procuring any department purchases? Citizens have been after the feds for years to save money; this reason is highly unlikely;

B) DHS NORMALLY average 15 Million rounds agency wide per year for training – 1.6 Billion will cover firearms training for 100 years! Sounds like stockpiling to me – and D.C. have been lobbying against citizens’ so-called stockpiling.

Rep. Timothy Huelscamp, R-Kansas has made inquires into this issue but has gotten no agency response.  Hmmm!