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Human Tug Boat Attempts To Break World Record


Jim “the Shark” Dreyer will attempt to break a world record by attempting to pull a new Lincoln MKC on a barge while swimming 3.58 miles to Mackinac Island. The total weight of his unusual cargo is approximately 16.5 tons.shark swim

The “Human Tugboat,” as Jim Dreyer is now called after being dubbed a “Superhuman” for pulling a 27-ton car ferry across Newport Beach Harbor on the popular TV series Stan Lee’s Superhumans, will now pull a Pfeiffer Lincoln MKC on a barge to Mackinac Island (where motorized vehicles are not allowed) as the first human-powered car ferry to the island.

This feat of strength, entitled the Pfeiffer Lincoln Murdick’s Fudge Run, will begin at 6:00 a.m. off the American Legion Memorial Beach in St. Ignace, on August 15th.


Watch “the Shark” gain the title of “Superhuman” on Stan Lee’s show, Superhuman…



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