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Strange Dollar Doodling!


I have seen dollar origami, I’ve seen dollars stamped with trace where this bill has been; but I’ve never seen Washington doodled like this! This dollar was passed in the office today as part of a purchase and I couldn’t help notice the extra ink that was not U.S. government issued.inked dollar

Someone must have had too much time on their hands (insert Styx tune) and decided to re-generate George’s looks. What was this doodler thinking as they worked the pen…Goth art, nah. Grateful Dead patch, nah…no lightning bolt!

Could this be the possible work of a future medical examiner? Now, wait…there could be something to this. Just think for a minute…IF there were any cranial remains to our dearly departed First President, what might you find in his coffin? That doodle does look like what a coroner might find today…might!

Washington inked



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