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Skinless Chicken Can Be a Good Thing!


I love baked chicken in the oven. Thighs or quarters – the skin has to be sprinkled with my favorite chipotle seasoning then baked to golden, tender, juicy goodness. The skin, to me, is the first appetizer bite of the main meat. I would NEVER knowingly buy skinless chicken!!!Preping in the batter

Oops! The last time a big ol’ family pack of chicken thighs were on sale, my wife bought it thinking it was no big deal. Uh-oh! What am I going to do with all these! Ta-Da!!! BBQ Chicken Chunks!!!IMG_0955

Why not – who wants to mess with wings? They don’t have enough meat on them anyway! This could really be tasty! I cut my thigh pieces into thirds, mixed up a batch of Drake’s Fry Mix with 1/3 cup of Emeril’s Essence ( a spice blend that the Big E uses in all his dishes). As you can see from the IMG_0956pictures, I am preparing myself for nothing but delicious chicken IN EVERY BITE! Final step, coat chicken pieces with Sweet Baby Ray’ Barbecue Sauce – the Sauce is the Boss!

My next attempt at this dish, I will coat my chicken with Frank’s Hot Sauce mixture used when making hot wings!!

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