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Last Night’s Lunar Eclipse


My wife, Debbie and I decided we weren’t going to miss last night’s lunar eclipse or Blood Moon. This celestial phenomenon does not occur very often so we thought this would be something to witness. We packed up our camp chairs, blanket, coffee and went down to the park down the street, setting up camp in an open area.

I love taking pictures but I don’t have expensive equipment. If fact, I usually use Consumer Report reviews to base my purchases like cameras and such to make budget purchases. I have been using this Canon Powershot A540, which is about 8 years old.

Canon Powershot
Canon Powershot

This camera takes clear digital pictures and good video footage so I’ve gotten my money’s worth in this purchase. So I got this crazy idea to try focusing my camera through the spotting scope I have. I use a Bushnell 20x-60x 80mm scope for rifle shooting which I mounted on my tripod. I figured if I could get my camera to focus through the scope, maybe I could capture possibly decent pictures.

Bushnell scope
Bushnell scope









I adjusted my camera to manual focus mode with the flash turned off. The following are the results of my experimentation. As the moon moved onto full eclipse phase and achieved its “blood” appearance, the camera couldn’t gather enough light through the scope to focus clearly. From that point on, we simply observed the eclipse through the scope.

Not bad for a trail hunch…





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