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The Engine Room Is Where It’s At For Rhythm!


Last year in our classic rock station 98.3 WRUP, I heard the DJ announce that he was featuring a weekend of music featuring the Best “Engine Room” Combos of Rock aka. bass player and drummer from famous bands. I didn’t catch the program but the phrase stuck in my memory.Drum-and-Bass

This morning, Cory the bass player in our band, sent me this clip of these two musicians, Marc Najjar of CME and Nate Bauman of Reverb.com put together a 17 minute clip of their 100 Bass Riffs: A Brief History of Groove on Bass and Drums.

As the clip started out with Fats Domino – Ain’t That a Shame (1955) I thought, “I’m gonna nail this clip by knowing most of these SONGS Marc & Nate are jamming on!

I listened to the first 50 songs and recognized 41 out of 50…not bad – 81%; I was shooting for 85%. I should have stuck to the first 50 songs – song 51: Guns of Brixton from The Clash started my downward spiral. I found out just how WEAK I am in music from the ’80 into 2013. I know the music from bands I followed in that time period but…Fishbone, Jamiroquai, Tame Impala, Daft Punk, Jesus Lizard!!! 14%!!!!!! 14% out of the last 50 songs!!! I only recognized 6 bands in the bottom half of this list and didn’t even recognize their music!!!


With hundreds of bands that have made it in one extent of the music business to another, I guess 14% isn’t too bad but I wanted to do better!!!

Here – check it out, see how well you do!!!!



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