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Lego Fan Makes Working McNugget Vending Machine


When I was a kid, my brother and I had Lincoln Logs to build forts and such. As I became an older “kid” in my 20’s, I started having real fun playing with my cousins’ Legos! Man, I really had fun building all kinds of stuff!machine

Well, some Lego lover has made a working McNuggets vending machine. It can distinguish the correct money needed to pay for the nuggets, it dispenses a 4 piece box with dipping sauce. The machine also has a locking money box. The draw back is that the machine can only hold 2 boxes of nuggets before you have to reload the machine but it’s interesting that it is a working model of a dispensing machine!

Amazing fun with a toy who’s company was founded in 1932!

Here’s the video of the McNugget machine…



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