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Elmer’s Pick Night — American Country Gold With Elmer Aho — Saturday, October 29, 2011


Happy Halloween from Elmer Aho!

Elmer chose all the music tonight on Elmer’s Pick Night. Listen to tonight’s show HERE.

Marquette, Michigan — It was that time–time for Elmer’s Pick Night. Elmer picked all the music tonight on American Country Gold; and caught up on some requests and dedications that came in over the last few weeks. From here on out the last Saturday of every month will be Elmer’s Pick Night on 103.3 The Country Extreme. This gives Elmer a chance to get caught up on everything.

On tonight’s show Elmer featured a song from the Rider’s In The Sky called “Ghost Train”. It was featured as a Halloween song for all the little ones getting ready for Halloween on Monday, October 31st. Elmer played “Ghost Train” in the 7pm hour. Elmer hopes that you have a very Happy Halloween; and a safe one too.

Requests and dedications will resume next Saturday, November 5th from 7pm to Midnight (est). If you’d like to get an early jump on your requests, feel free to email Elmer at elmer@wfxd.com OR call him at (906) 227-8888. You can also leave a request or dedication on Elmer’s official Facebook page HERE.

Remember, you can always listen to Elmer’s LIVE stream HERE. Have a happy and safe Halloween from Elmer Aho!

Listen to tonight’s archived broadcast HERE.


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