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Elmer Aho Salutes Veterans for Memorial Day on American Country Gold Radio Show


Marquette, MI – 05/31/2011 – Elmer Aho produced a patriotic Saturday night (5/28), playing tunes from “The Air Force Song” to “As the Caisson’s Go Rolling Along” as a tribute to all of our active service members as well as the veterans.

In between patriotic songs, he took requests for traditional country music as he has done every Saturday night for over 20 years. Requests came in for local artists Lane Dawson and Tiny C Hart. The request for Lane Dawson came from Taiwan!

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Elmer Picking Out Some Records
A serviceman, active for 15 years in the military, placed a request for “Big Bad John” by Jimmy Dean. Elmer was more than happy to spin that record for such a dedicated patriot.

Elmer played “Sneaky Snake”, which was requested quite a few times before the end of the night. The Tom T. Hall song is trending right now on the Saturday night request line.

“Singing in the Kitchen” by Bobby Bare and Family was requested and played. That’s another song that is growing in popularity for some of the listener base, and possibly annoying other parts of the listener base with all those pots and pans!

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