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You’re Always #1 with Elmer Aho and American Country Gold

Elmer Aho – Host of American Country Gold on 103-FXD

Marquette, MichiganAugust 1st, 2015 – I couldn’t help but get a kick out of the comments coming in during my show from listeners saying it’s been way too hot over the past couple of weeks! Really? Are you kidding me? You’ll never hear me complain about this beautiful U.P. summer weather! I just love a warm summer.. not too hot.. just warm.

Tonight during my show I heard from Jason in Marquette and Camp Sorehead tuning in across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. When I arrived at the 103-FXD studio I already had about 5 messages waiting for me on the phone. I took down the requests and mixed them in with the 80 other songs I played during my show, American Country Gold on 103-FXD and WFXD.com.

Several weeks ago I heard a knock on my door at home. There were two young gentlemen waiting at my door that came all the way over from Finland! They visited Carl Pelonpaa (former host of Finland Calling) and Carl sent them over to my home since they listen to my show regularly on Jarvi Radio in Finland! It was so nice to visit with these two fine young gentleman–we talked in Finnish for almost an hour at my home in Gwinn!

I was a little beat so I told my working partner Eric to cut the LIVE show off at 11pm on Saturday night. We went back to a previous show from November 5th, 2011 from 11pm to Midnight on American Country Gold on 103-FXD and WFXD.com.

Make sure to join me, Elmer Aho for American Country Gold next Saturday, August 8th from 7pm to Midnight as I bring you your requests and dedications all night long during American Country Gold! Reach me during the week and leave a message on Facebook or call the 103-FXD studio direct at 361-WFXD, that’s 361-9393. Email elmer@wfxd.com.

LISTEN – Your Saturday night was set and complete with American Country Gold on 1o3-FXD Saturday August 1st 2015.mp3

Recognized by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters – American Country Gold with Elmer Aho on 103-FXD and WFXD.com!


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