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Alabama and Johnny Paycheck: A Favorite on American Country Gold

Elmer Aho – Host of American Country Gold on 103-FXD

Marquette, MichiganOctober 24th, 2015 – No doubt my show, American Country Gold continues to grow in popularity each and every week… it just amazes me! I heard from folks all the way overseas in Russia on Saturday night! Holy cow! I didn’t realize I had listeners in Russia. Throughout the show on Saturday night between 7pm and 9pm I couldn’t keep up with the calls for requests and dedications! I got so flooded that I had to cut the calls off between 9 and 10pm on Saturday night. I just couldn’t keep up. I thank all of you for holding off on your calls for requests and dedications between 9 and 10pm Saturday night during my show. I really do appreciate it!

I’d like to thank Adam Carpenter from The Outdoor Show here on 103-FXD for bringing in his mother-in-law, Kathy from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Kathy and Adam dropped by around 8pm Saturday night to meet me in person. It was also really nice to meet Adam for the first time, too. I sent out “Kiss An Angel Good Morning” by Charlie Pride to Kathy a little after 9pm on Saturday night. Thanks for stopping by Kathy and Adam! Have a safe drive back to Green Bay!

It’s hard to believe but next Saturday, October 31st is Halloween! Also, next Sunday, November 1st we’re changing our clocks back one hour. It’s time to finally fall back one hour next Sunday! We’ll be gaining an hour of sleep. And don’t forget–Deer Hunter’s Round-Up will begin on Saturday, November 14th! It’ll be time to call in your deer kills and tell stories about your successful trophy buck!

Make sure you join me, Elmer Aho next Saturday, October 31st for Elmer’s Pick Night! Since it’s the last Saturday of the month I’ll be doing all the pickin’ and you’ll be doing all the grinnin’! You can reach me during the week at 361-WFXD, that’s 361-9393 and leave a message for me. Friend me on Facebook, too!

LISTEN – FULL SHOW – Elmer Aho has fans listening to American Country Gold in Russia – Saturday October 24th 2015.mp3

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