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One Man, One Microphone and Two Turntables — American Country Gold With Elmer Aho — Saturday, October 1, 2011


Kicking off October with Classic Country!

What did you request tonight? Listen to tonight’s American Country Gold show HERE

Marquette, Michigan — Trap Rock Valley, Suomi Location, Big Bay, Flat Rock, Downtown Seney, Rapid River….and the suburbs as well! What do these fine towns have in common!? They all have fine folks just like you that tune in to American Country Gold each and every Saturday night with Elmer Aho! We heard from folks all over the U.P., all over the State; all over America and around the World!

On tonight’s Western set (which we do every Saturday evening at 8pm est) we featured: Dan Winters, Sons of the Pioneers, Patsy Montana, Tex Ritter and Jimmy Wakely.

Elmer took care of both email and phone requests! We sent out an email request to all the folks at Camp Collick seeking refuge from their power-less homes in Suomi location! Hopefully you guys will have your power restored soon after that terrible wind storm on Thursday. Camp Collick wanted to hear “Gwinn Model Town Blues” by yours truly, Elmer Aho. Remember, you can send your email requests to elmer@wfxd.com for next Saturday, October 8th. You can also get in touch with Elmer via phone at (906) 227-8888.

Be sure to tune in next Saturday, October 8th from 7pm to Midnight (est) for another memorable American Country Gold show on 103.3 The Country Extreme. You can follow Elmer on Facebook HERE.

You can listen to tonight’s show HERE.


  1. Dear Elmer,
    Im a new listener, just happened to run across your radio show on da camp radio one night a year or so ago. You do a GREAT JOB!!! Please keep that wonderful music coming our way! There is one song that I have not been able to catch the whole thing: Modeltown Blues. The bits and pieces I heard had me rolling! Send it out to my boy Jeremiah Krolik! He likes it too and he is only 4 and 1/2! Thanks!


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