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2012 New Year’s Resolution


Finally have a resolution to stick to?

Trying to get into shape for 2012…

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Happy New Year!

Marquette, Michigan — Okay, I realize I’m several days late with talking about my 2012 resolution! Like years past, I have (again) the same resolution that I can never seem to stick to. I’m going to try and get into shape once again in 2012!

The question remains: Can I stick to my 2012 resolution? I’m hoping. I don’t believe trying to take about 30 minutes out of my daily routine for a walk or a jog is too much to ask for….or is it?!?!

I’d love to hear about your New Year’s 2012 resolution. Let me know by sending me an email to eric@wfxd.com. Happy 2012!

-Eric Scott


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