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Jake Owen Breaks Collarbone in Accident


Snowboarding Accident Breaks Jake Owen’s Collarbone.

Country's Jake Owen
*Photo Courtesy JakeOwen.net*

(TheBoot.com) Jake Owen may think twice before snowboarding again on Friday the 13th. While partaking in said winter pastime Friday in Colorado, the singer took a nasty spill, Taste of Country reports. He got pretty banged up, but that didn’t stop him from hopping on Twitter to share the details.

“Just broke my collar bone,” he tweeted. “Guess I charged this mountain a little too hard.”

Included with the post was a picture of the country star with his arm in a sling. This isn’t Jake’s first time busting his clavicle, and in another tweet, he shared a photo taken during his childhood, just after he’d sustained the same injury in another sporting mishap.

-Eric Scott


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