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Taylor Swift Takes Readers Behind the Scenes


Friday’s Country Music News.

(TheBoot.com)—  The day before Taylor Swift turned 22 in December, she celebrated early, rocking a brand-

Country's Taylor Swift
*Photo Courtesy TaylorSwift.com*

new hairstyle and a stylish makeover, surrounded by something she loves — her musical instruments. The occasion was a photo shoot for the superstar’s Vogue cover story. (Take a look at the behind-the scenes video here).

The singer-songwriter-entrepreneur graces the February issue of the magazine, the perfect month for her, considering all the songs she pens about romantic entanglements. But, perhaps fittingly, instead of her trademark curls, the singer has straightened her trademark tresses and is now sporting bangs. Has she also straightened out her thoughts on love? Maybe not but that certainly hasn’t stopped her from continuing to investigate the finer points of romantic relationships.

-Eric Scott


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