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Country's Brad Paisley
*Photo Courtesy BradPaisley.com*

7/17/2012 (Courtesy TheBoot.com) — Good Morning! Brad Paisley is hard at work on a follow-up album to 2011’s This Is Country Music, and he says the new project will be the most organic-sounding of his career.

“A lot of what you hear on the radio and a lot of what you hear in any form of music right now has both the aid and also the negative part of a computer being involved in a big way,” he tells CMT. “They’ll have a great drum track, and then they’ll make sure the bass hits right now, then the kick drum, and then they’ll make sure that the vocals are tuned. They’ll make sure that everything’s perfect before it hits your radio station. I like that sound. We’ve had a lot of that on records just like everybody else, where you make sure everything is right before it gets out. This time the mode has been: ‘We’re not editing.’ If you hear something on a record, we played it.”

-Eric Scott

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