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Trace Adkins to Undergo More Surgery


Heard on All American Morning with Eric Scott

Country's Trace Adkins
*Photo Courtesy TraceAdkins.com*

3/5/2012 (TheBoot.com)Trace Adkins turned the big 5-0 earlier this year (January 13). While he isn’t afraid of getting older, the singer does admit the big milestone brought along a few health challenges.

“I’ve been pretty hard on my body over my life. It’s catching up with me now, and I have to get stuff fixed,” he confesses to Cowboys & Indians magazine. “Every winter, I usually get something fixed. It’s either a shoulder, a knee, an elbow, a wrist or an ankle or something.”

This year’s surgery will most likely be a knee replacement, which the ‘Million Dollar View’ singer says is the result of a series of injuries he’s endured through the years. “I dislocated my kneecap the first time when I was a senior in high school,” Trace recalls.

-Eric Scott


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