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Carrie Underwood’s Legs Are Her ‘Best Asset’


All American Morning News with Eric Scott

Country's Carrie Underwood
*Photo Courtesy www.carrieunderwoodofficial.com*

4/2/2012 (TheBoot.com) Carrie Underwood has a knack for leaving a lasting impression both on stage and on the red carpet. The singer also frequently finds herself on best-dressed lists, often for form-fitting gowns that show off the one part of her body of which she proclaims she’s the most proud.

“I consider my best asset to be my legs,” Carrie tells InStyle magazine. “Even if I’m not working out as much, my legs hold up pretty well. So, I tend to cover up the rest of my body and show the legs. A good shimmer lotion makes them stand out and look more defined and toned. I have an arsenal of shimmery stuff that I use — you name it, I’ve used it!”

-Eric Scott


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