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Programming a Radio Station from a Programmer’s Perspective


How do you program a radio station?

Marquette, Michigan—  Over the course of the past few months several listeners just like you have asked me

Marquette 103.3 WFXD logo banner
Marquette's 103.3 The Country Extreme

just how do you program a radio station? As the Program Director of Great Lakes Radio, Inc. and 103.3 The Country Extreme…let me run down a few simple programming rules…

It’s actually not as complex as you might think. The music that you hear is programmed into categories. For instance, we have 8 different categories that we utilize on 103.3 The Country Extreme. We break those categories up into the year when a specific song is/was released. The older songs you hear are in a ‘Gold’ category, and the latest songs you hear are broken up into Hot Currents, Medium Currents, Light Currents, and Upcoming Categories.

From there, you build a clock, and combine all these categories into that clock which break up into hour-by-hour clocks. There’s many different rules that break up artists, tempos, solo males/solo females, etc. Once you mix the music, it seperates all those attributes and creates your daily playlist. That in turn creates the music that you hear.

Pretty neat, eh?

-Eric Scott


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