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Miranda Lambert Reveals Healthy Body Image


All American Morning News with Eric Scott

Country's Miranda Lambert
*Photo Courtesy MirandaLambert.com*

5/17/2012 (TheBoot.com) —  Miranda Lambert could be considered the poster child for a healthy body image. The “Over You” singer says she knows she will never be a size 0, and that suits her just fine.
“I don’t care about being stick-thin,” she confesses to Self magazine. “I don’t want stuff to jiggle. Really skinny actresses make me hungry — I see them and think, ‘Honey, you need to eat!’ I’m lucky I don’t have to live like that. I feel my best when I’m a toned, not flabby, size 8.”

The reigning ACM Top Female Vocalist is focusing more on staying healthy, including adding lean protein and healthy snacks like almonds into her diet, without making too many sacrifices. “I won’t give up what I enjoy to look perfect,” notes the Texas native. “I want to find a happy medium between feeling good about my body and still having a beer and some barbecue.”

-Eric Scott


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