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Hank Williams Jr. Guitar Recently Stolen


All American Morning News with Eric Scott

Country's Hank Williams Jr.
*Photo Courtesy HankJr.com*

5/23/2012 (TheBoot.com) — An Alabama man has been charged with first-degree theft, accused of stealing a guitar that belongs to country superstar Hank Williams Jr. Adam Dale Broach, of Notasulga, Ala., was charged with the crime on Sunday (May 20). According to the arrest report, the custom-made 1968 Les Paul guitar, valued at $15,000, was stolen from Hank’s Alabama cabin in 2010.

The instrument was recovered later that month, when it was given to Wayne Mills, lead singer of the Wayne Mills Band, during a concert. It is currently unknown if Broach has hired an attorney in his defense.

-Eric Scott


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