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Dierks Bentley’s New Video Gets Dirty

Country's Dierks Bentley
*Photo Courtesy Dierks.com*

All American Morning News with Eric Scott

6/5/2012 (TheBoot.com) —  Dierks Bentley had a whole lot of fun shooting the video for his new single “5-1-5-0.” All you had to do was look at his truck, which ended up being totally caked in mud by the time the shoot was over, to know just how much fun!

For his latest clip, Dierks and crew traveled to Big Nasty ATV Park outside of Savannah, Ga., to mix and mingle with a group of mud-bogging fanatics. Mud-bogging is an off-road motorsport in which participants drive their vehicle, usually a truck, through a mud pit. The winner is the person who goes the farthest distance in the mud pit. The action fits the song perfectly as the tune has Dierks boarding the “crazy train” of love. Romance can, of course, not only get crazy but also quite messy!

-Eric Scott


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