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Toby Keith Will Not Sacrifice His Music for Movies


Friday All American Morning News with Eric Scott

Country's Toby Keith
*Photo Courtesy TobyKeith.com*

6/15/2012 (Courtesy TheBoot.com) Toby Keith is certainly well-versed in the entertainment business. The singer-songwriter has spent the last 20 years writing and recording chart-topping hits, as well as developing his acting chops. Aside from his creative videos, he has also appeared in a handful of films, including “Beer for My Horses” in 2008, a film he both wrote and starred in, alongside Willie Nelson and Rodney Carrington. But while the Oklahoma native enjoys exploring all aspects of his creative side, he tells fans they probably won’t see him on the big screen again anytime soon.

“The last picture we did, it took me ten months because we actually wrote the script and coordinated all my buddies to do the movie,” says Toby. “It took so much away from my album process, that I really felt it. I felt the hit. I took a hit because I just wasn’t prepared musically when I went back in the studio. When you own your own label, stuff can happen on the business side of it, too. I really felt like I took a hit. If the right things come along, and doesn’t take very much time, then I’d consider … but it’s got to be really right.”

-Eric Scott


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