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Taylor Swift Has a New Fragrance!


Monday All American Morning News with Eric Scott

7/2/2012 (Courtesy TheBoot.com)— As if being an award-winning, globe-trotting singer-songwriter-actress wasn’t

Country's Taylor Swift
*Photo Courtesy TaylorSwift.com*

enough, Taylor Swift also helped create her own fragrance, Wonderstruck, last year. Now, with bottles flying off the shelves, the 22-year-old superstar has announced plans to release a new, spin-off scent later this year.

“Wonderstruck Enchanted is the next chapter in the story of my Wonderstruck fragrance,” Taylor explains. “Wonderstruck is about that moment when you instantly feel a connection to someone, but then there’s that feeling of being completely enamored — enchanted — when you know a little more about that someone and still feel that strong connection.”

-Eric Scott


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