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Great Way to Save Money on Gas?!?!


Experimenting on Ways to Save Gas Money?

Save Money on Gas from 103.3 The Country Extreme
Save Gas Money–Drive 50 MPH!

Marquette, Michigan — I’ve found a way to EASILY save gas money…what do you think?

Like you, I’ve tried many ways to save money on gas. From the phony gas treatments to the credit cards AND even driving to the least expensive gas station. While some of these work, I think I’ve found the best way to save money on gas…try it at your own risk!

Drive 50 MPH down the highway! That’s right, every time I drive down U.S. 41 I’m driving 50 MPH. It may not be the best way to you…but it worked for me! Okay, I admit, I have had several fingers and fists thrown my way as I’ve glanced in my rear view mirror….but hey, it works!

I realize how insane you might think I am at this point. However, my gas mileage has gone from 29 MPG on the highway to 33 MPG!!! Think I’m insane now!??!

Rather than getting 390 miles to an entire tank of gas, I’m now getting 460 miles! Seriously, it saves a LOT of money. Try it sometime…at your own risk! 🙂

-Eric Scott


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