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Jason Aldean Compares New Album to Old Album


Wednesday All American Morning News with Eric Scott

Country's Jason Aldean
*Photo Courtesy JasonAldean.com*

8/15/2012 (Courtesy TheBoot.com) — Good Morning! As his new single, “Take a Little Ride,” continues cruising toward the top of the charts and he plays sold out shows all over the country, Jason Aldean is obviously enjoying unprecedented career momentum. Yet even in the midst of all this success, the Georgia born artist feels like the best is yet to come.

“The ‘Party’ album has been a career record for me to this point,” he says of his last album My Kinda Party, which has spawned five hit singles and fueled his sold out concerts, “but I still feel like my career is relatively new and young, so it just gives me more incentive to try to go out and see if we can’t beat it the next time.”

-Eric Scott


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