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Luke Bryan Talks Reality TV!?!?


Friday All American Morning News with Eric Scott

9/7/2012 (Courtesy TheBoot.com)— Good Morning! In the past year or so, it seems that a lot of country singers have embraced reality TV.

Country's Luke Bryan
*Photo Courtesy LukeBryan.com*

Could Luke Bryan be next? With the success that Blake Shelton and Keith Urban have both seen from their separate stints on “The Voice,” as well as John Rich‘s triumph for charity that came with winning “Celebrity Apprentice,” it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

“It depends on what level of reality we’re talking about,” Luke told The Boot after Wednesday’s CMA nominations press conference in New York. “You never rule out anything, you never say never. Now, I’ll never skydive, I know that. [laughs] But it would have to be really something that I felt like would be the right thing. It’s not on my radar now. More of what’s on my radar now is focusing on music and performing and singing great, and being a dad and husband. From there, we’ll see what lands on my plate, but you never rule out anything.”

-Eric Scott


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