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Carrie Underwood NEVER Googles Herself


Monday All American Morning News with Eric Scott

Country's Carrie Underwood
*Photo Courtesy www.carrieunderwoodofficial.com*

9/17/2012 (Courtesy TheBoot.com) — Good Morning! Google “Carrie Underwood” and more than 64 million pages appear — and the country music superstar isn’t interested in reading any of them.

“I definitely do not Google myself, ever. That’s a really bad idea,” Carrie insists (quote via the Country Vibe). In addition to the multiple stories about her award-winning career, the singer realizes there’s also plenty of false information in cyberspace, which can be difficult to avoid.

“Somebody else will say something to me or I’m just flipping through a magazine that I’m like, ‘What? What is this about? We went on a romantic … what? What did we do?’ It’s never intentional. It’s always brought to my attention or somebody else will tell me.”

-Eric Scott


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