My 4-year-old nephew, Landyn, enjoyed his nachos at the Hardwood Steakhouse.

My 4-year-old nephew, Landyn, enjoyed his nachos at the Hardwood Steakhouse.

Covington, MichiganMay 3rd, 2015 – It was a spur of the moment kinda trip. My family and I decided to take a trip to Covington, Michigan to the Hardwood Steakhouse. We’ve been talking about taking a ride to the Hardwood Steakhouse for months, and finally made it there on Sunday. My parents along with my brother, sister, and nephew all made the one hour trip to Covington. Boy, was it well worth the trip! I read the reviews online and was impressed with what I saw. Well, the reviews spoke the truth.

The service was splendid, the atmosphere was outdoorsy, and the food was to die for. It was around 4pm, so we beat the rush hour traffic. I ordered the 4 Cheese Stuffed Shells. The rest of my family ordered steaks, salads, nachos, and a patty melt. My 4 Cheese Stuffed Shells came with 2 large pieces of garlic bread and included the salad bar. When the server placed my piping hot food on the table, my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. The plate was heaping over with marinara sauce and the stuffed shells. WOW! This was a meal. Normally, I order burgers at a place like this, but decided to spring for something different at the last minute.

No one in my family was disappointed with their choice at the Hardwood Steakhouse. We had some laughs, and enjoyed watching the Sunday Thunderstorm roll through Covington. This was well worth the trip. I would highly recommend a Sunday drive to the Hardwood Steakhouse in Covington, Michigan. Plug it into your GPS next weekend!

-Eric Scott “Morning’s on 103-FXD”


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