Gladstone, MichiganAugust 10th, 2015 – Gladstone… it’s a neat, clean little town in Delta County. How did GLADSTONE ever get its name? I often wonder…. is it the happiest town in the U.P.? Was there a stone that was glad (sorry.. had to say it!) OR did someone just claim the town as Gladstone, Michigan? Anyways… I was in Gladstone to visit my family on Sunday.

I took a drive down to Gladstone (I always enjoy that drive from Gwinn on M-35 all the way through Gladstone) it only took a little over an hour. My entire family was down there, so I decided to meet up with them. They’re camping at a campground called the Gladstone Bay Campground along Lake Michigan. The town of Gladstone is so clean, friendly, and welcoming. We decided to eat out in Escanaba, then have some ice cream in downtown Gladstone. When I’m in Gladstone for some reason I feel like I’m stepping into the past.

We wrapped up our Sunday evening around the campfire. To me, there’s no better way than to spend your evening around a campfire in the U.P. Take a look at my pictures from around Gladstone, Michigan. I was just as impressed as you are…

-Eric Scott “Morning’s on 103-FXD”

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