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Why Is It So Easy to Gain Weight??

I feel ashamed of myself... I'm gaining way too much weight this summer.
I feel ashamed of myself… I’m gaining way too much weight this summer.

Marquette, MichiganAugust 19th, 2015 – I now weigh in at nearly 200 pounds. What in the world is going on?? Since I’ve turned 30 I’ve noticed that it’s getting easier and easier to gain weight. Just several months ago I was a buck-seventy-five. Am I doing this on purpose? No. Do I watch what I eat? Sorta… well, no. Could this be the problem? It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure it out… but I’m going with yes. I can’t help it. I can’t help myself. I enjoy food. This summer I’ve taken more vacations than usual. Needless to say when I take these vacations I’m going out to restaurants, ordering LARGE portions… then complaining afterward about how I’ve “overdone it”! Yep, we’ve all been there.

I have been trying to exercise. I have no problem with walking from my car to my house, then from my car to the 103-FXD studio. Wait…. does that count as exercise? Okay, I’ve been riding my peddle bike quite a bit (when it’s not too hot) and really enjoying it!

Okay, note to self. Once summer is over and the vacations are behind me it’s time to get back to losing this gut. It’s time to say goodbye.

… and I thought gaining weight used to be so tough…

-Eric Scott “Mornings on 103-FXD”


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