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My Rant: What’s with Gas Prices?!

Gas Prices are going in the WRONG direction in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Gas Prices are going in the WRONG direction in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Marquette, MichiganSeptember 23, 2015 – As you’re waking up this morning you’ll notice that a majority of gas prices in Marquette County shot up nearly 20 cents–to $2.39/gallon across Marquette County. I realized that prices increased on Tuesday morning, but, if you were like me, you didn’t notice until later in the evening.

I quickly ran down to a gas station in downtown Marquette that hadn’t increased their prices like almost everyone else. Now that I’ve brought up gas prices–aren’t they supposed to be DROPPING after summer? Instead, we’re getting $.20/increases at once. Rather, gas prices should be going down like a feather (or noodle) and NOT going up like a rocket.

Oil Prices have really been fluctuating. Over the past several weeks they’ve been hanging around the $45/barrel range. That appears to be the new norm. But, why are gas prices increasing when oil is going the other way? I know the “Summer Blend” gasoline will soon be switching over to “Winter Blend” gasoline. That is a bit more expensive to produce–at least–that’s what they tell us.

I’m a member of GasBuddy.com. I post prices almost daily for Marquette County Gas Stations. According to Gas Buddy, you can buy gas for $1.65/gallon in South Carolina and some of the other Southern States. In fact, 5 States in the Country are now selling gas for an average of $1.99/gallon OR lower. When will these prices hit the U.P.? Do you think we will see gas prices below $2/gallon again this winter? One can only hope so….

..Tired of being gouged at the pump.

-Eric Scott “Mornings on 103-FXD”


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