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It’s Seney Stretch Time…

This time of year feels like the Seney Stretch... it never ends.
This time of year feels like the Seney Stretch… it never ends.

Marquette, MichiganJanuary 4th, 2016 – What an awesome start to the brand new year! I drove up to the Copper Country on Thursday and spent some time with a friend of mine. I was in Hancock through Saturday. The snow was coming down (lightly) in Hancock on New Year’s Eve… much to my surprise the restaurants and bars weren’t packed full! My friend said it was too cold and windy to be out. But this was New Year’s Eve! Come on… really? Nonetheless, we had a great time in downtown Hancock and met a few hospitable folks. Thanks Andy and Jen for your hospitality!

Now that the holidays are behind us… I like to call this time of year from January through March the “Seney Stretch” since it’s a quiet time of year. It’s time to slow down, get back to work, and get back to your regular routine. I know, it can be tough after the holidays. The worst part of the holidays are when the holidays come to an end!

It’s going to be a positive 2016. Let’s look on the bright side.. since we have El Nino to look forward to the weather might not be as sloppy as last year? I’m a glass half full kinda guy…

Welcome to 2016!

-Eric Scott “Mornings on 103-FXD”


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