The snow after snowblowing on Wednesday in my driveway. There’s more now..

Ishpeming, MichiganDecember 3rd, 2019 – I was hoping I was waking up to a nightmare on Wednesday morning.. then again on Sunday morning! Nope, my eyes didn’t deceive me. It was REAL. Nearly 2 feet of snow last Wednesday afternoon in Ishpeming. Over a foot on Sunday. I don’t ever recall getting that much snow at the end of November. Do you?

Despite all the snow, my single stage snowblower made it through. These babies are meant for a few inches, certainly not a couple feet. I was still impressed by my MTD snowblower. The snow was at least a foot higher than the actual snowblower itself! This isn’t the kind of blower that is self propelled, either. You have to put all your muscle to push it through the snow. Luckily, after chopping the plow bank down with a shovel before blowing it I made it through.

Keep in mind that it is still technically fall! I’m worried what winter will actually bring.

-Eric Scott

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